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Welcome to Danoli Telecoms

We provide telecom services to Schools, businesses and residential customers in and around the local area and further affield.
We can usually beat most major Telecom providers on cost which saves you money. We guarantee to better any provider on service.

We handle all technical support without the need to deal with offshore call centres. We also provide all billing in a simple to follow format allowing you to assess your calls with ease.

"We had suffered a fault for 5 years that BT were unable to fix, after switching, Danoli Telecoms resolved it within 1 week!."

Cheapest Line Rental

We provide line rental at possibly the lowest price in the UK. Our lowest pricing is aimed at Schools and registerred charities, however we also provide low rental to businesses.
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Business Systems

We can provide professional telephoe systems for your business that allows the transfer of calls, place calls on hold, direct dialing (DDI), Music on hold etc. Analogue and ISDN supported.
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NGN Numbers

Give your customer free call access to your sales team, maybe you need have a temporary number dedicated to a specific project. We can provide NGN numbers and even manage the redirection for you.
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Danoli Telecoms is a trading name of Danoli Solutions Ltd and is a registered Telecom provider regulated by Ofcom