Why are we No fuss?

Simply put, we are local, staffed be a small but technical team of engineers and have a business address that we do not hide, if fact, we are proud to publish it.

We started in the telecom industry because of all the fuss associated with telecoms and the mystery of the telecom industry.

We have supported telecoms systems for local businesses and schools for upwards of 10 years now and had noticed how difficult it actually was to speak to a telecom provider who could actually do something that you wanted.

This was the biggest frustration we found and usually associated with the big providers quite often our call was routed to call centres in the far east.  Weare in Ormskirk, not India, why should we need to speak to someone 5,000 miles away!

We wanted to simplify this process for our customers so formed our own Ofcom approved telecom company, Danoli Telecoms, Ormskirk.

Our customers are all known to us, we offer a personal service.  If you have a problem, you call us, in Ormskirk, we deal with your queries or faults, you therefore have NO FUSS.


What do we do?

All things telecom.

If this is too vague, well let me explain.  If you have a small to medium business.  We can fully support your entire telecom infrastructure.  Our primary focus is actually providing the telephone lines and telphone numbers that you use.

How do we do this?

We are an Ofcom approved telecom provider. This is strictly regulated. This means, we are allowed to purchase service from BT for resale.  We purchase from BT Wholesale for biling minutes and we purchase from BT Openreach for physical lines, this is exactly the same as what BT Retail do.

We are provided access to the BT WLR3 (Wholesale Line Rental v3) portal to manage all of your telecom services.  This means, you are still provided by BT (via us), they provide the service, we simply invoice you at a much reduced rate as we purchase at wholesale costs.

What we also provide is the support in case of a failure.  If you have a problem, this is where you see a huge difference.  You call us, we manage the problem.  We have access to the WLR3 line testing facilities and we have the ability to log the fault directly into the BT system and arrange for engineer vists etc.  This is a NO FUSS service.