Danoli Telecoms

What we do.

We provide telecom solutions to businesses and some homes.  We provide everything from fully commissioned VOIP systems to standard PSTN lines (‘normal’ phone lines) via WLR3. 

We also provide business-class internet access from the award-winning Zen internet.

Danoli Telecoms is a trading name of Danoli Solutions Ltd and is an Ofcom approved telecom provider in Ormskirk, Lancashire.

VOIP PBX Offer A fully configured 3cx VOIP system for under £150

We provide everything your small or medium business requires to get started on a VOIP system.

Our packages are from £149.99 (+£16.99 monthly commitment), and includes the following:

    • 1 x Yealink SIP T41P desk phone
    • 1 x Geographic number of your choosing
    • 1x Private VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting your own instance of 3CX PBX. 
    • 1x Channel SIP trunk with 500 minutes UK landline minutes & 500 UK mobile minutes
    • All supplied and configured to your business requirements.

All you need is an internet connection and your VOIP system is ready to go.

We can provide the VOIP systems ready to go in under 24 hours (sometimes in as little as 2 hours).

We provide you with your own business cloud-based VPS, installed with the robust and secure Debian (Linux) operating system, that we then manually install 3CX pbx using your own custom business domain.  We do all the work.

Additional desk phones or portable phones can be added to your VOIP system to expand.  The system is fully scalable.

Additional geographical numbers can be added at any time.

Your existing business telephone number can be ported into the system (transferred over to VOIP)

Additional channels can be added to allow multiple inbound/outbound calls at any one time.

The 3cx PBX supports every feature you would expect from a business telephone system, including

    • Music on hold
    • Call on hold
    • Call transfer
    • IVR (press 1 for xx, press 2 for yy)
    • Voicemail deliverable to email
    • Call groups
    • Hunt Groups
    • Extensive call reporting

We can accommodate any number of phones and channels.

This system is fully scalable and secure.  We use the exact same system for our own business operations across multiple different locations.

Why switch to VOIP? read our blog here.

Contact us for more information, we can provide a demo at our business premises if required.