Danoli Telecoms

Danoli Telecoms is a trading name of Danoli Solutions Ltd. We introduced Telecoms into our portfolio of products and services to allow us to provide a level of service that we did not receive for our existing Telecom providers.

We found that our existing providers were expensive, difficult to contact, did not relay important information relating to infrastructure maintenance, difficult to understand bills, un-necessary long contracts, lack of ‘common sense’ when dealing with issues, lack of bespoke call packages… the list goes on.

We decided that as our primary business had successfully grown based on our details to customer support, we felt we could apply this to telecom services and gradually grown a business that ticks all the boxes that failed us as customers.

Danoli Telecoms is still a small business, it is operated by the technical staff of Danoli Solutions Ltd and therfore has a solid background. We are currently providing telecom services to a number of Schools, Small businesses and even a few residential customers (although this is not our target market due to excellent residential packages which we are happy to offer advice on)