Danoli Telecoms

Analogue lines are the most common lines installed for telecommunications.

An analogue line is a fixed copper line that links your business or business to the telephone exchange via underground or overhead cables.

Most premises have the facility for a number of analogue lines at their premises, this is determined by the number of spare pairs of cables that BT have initially supplied.

Each analogue line requires two dedicated cables (a pair) directly connected between your home / business and the telephone exchange.

Even in you only have 1 active line, you will almost certainly have a number of spare pairs available at your premises.

If you require an additional line,  BT will activate a spare pair of cables and via the common ‘green BT cabinets’ link them to the exchange, completing the circuit.

We can provide this service for both business and residential premises.


Being an Ofcom Registered Telecom company, we can order lines on our behalf for a trouble free installationat a cheaper price than BT, although it will be BT Openreach who perform the installation.

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