Danoli Telecoms

We do not provide business broadband under the ‘Danoli Telecom’ brand just yet.  The reason being that no small business can truly supply their own broadband, and therefore small businesses must form a partnership with a mainstream broadband providers such as BT, O2, TalkTalk etc and re-brand the product as their own.

We currently recommend O2 broadband as their customer service is UK based and in our opinion, second to none.  Unfortunately though, they do not have a scheme for small businesses to re-brand and resell their broadband but we do have the ability to resell it retaining the O2 name.  This allows our customers to receive their lines, calls and broadband from Danoli Telecoms on one bill in the knowledge that you are receiving what we believe to be the best mix of packages from the best suppliers.

We did initially resell an alternative broadband package under our own name (re-branded) however the initial trials were awful, the customer service was poor, the service was poor & the technical support was poor so we switched to this un-branded model.