Danoli Telecoms

VOIP Lines, or ‘Voice over IP’  (Voice over Internet) and are fast becoming the most popular telephone line choice for businesses.

There are many reasons why this is so.

VOIP is substantially cheaper that traditional phone lines.  The monthly line rental (seat rental) is less than half.  There are no costly setup fees either. The only thing you need is a VOIP phone and they are from only £50 inc VAT.

A VOIP Line can be created and ready to use in less than 10 minutes.  This includes a valid UK, or even international number.

This is probably the biggest selling point.  A VOIP line is essentially a ‘login’ to a hosted service.  Basically, the VOIP phone plugs into your internet connection using a network cable, exactly the same way as a computer.  What this means is, you are not fixed to a specific place.  You can (we often do), unplug your phone and plug it into another network point in another room, building anywhere in the world and you will have the same number.  This means working from home, working from a temporary office or bringing your line with you to a customer premises is simple and free.

Service changes
If you have one phone line and require an additional line.  traditionally, this can take weeks and cost over £100 to implement not to mention a 12 month contract at the higher monthly line rental costs.  With VOIP, give us a call, you can have an additional ‘seat’ (the VOIP term for a line), in 5 minutes.  This can be for just a few days/weeks or months.  There are no limits to the number you can have.  You only pay the monthly VOIP seat rental.

Number changes
Do you want a different number for a different task?  Simple, we can provide you with any number, local geographical, or for any region in the UK including 0800, 0330, 0808 etc. This only costs a couple of £ per month and can be temporary.  If you need a new number for a single 1 month promotion, no problem, we can provide this.


There must be a down side?
One obvious downside is that a VOIP phone depends on a good internet connection.  These days, most people are on Fibre speeds so VOIP has no issue.  Even if you are on a 2mbps ADSL line, the connect will be fine.  The only potential issues are that other users ofthe same connect could flood the line but there are solutions to this.

The only other issues is that you do need broadband.  In some cases, this means you need a phone line and if you only need one phone line, then you will already have this by having broadband in the first place.

Finally, a £55+VAT charge is payable to remove a number from the VOIP platform. This is a provider charge.